• Nick & Lindale Adams

    Nick and Lindale work in Zimbabwe Africa.  Their primary duties are educating and training natives to become church leaders.  

  • Keith & Kathy Ham

    Keith and Kathy Ham have served in Kenya for over 20 years.  They are currently serving in the Mathare slums of Nairobi, Kenya with Missions of Hope.  The program provides child sponsorship, education, micro-finance, health evangelism, church planting, and other important services.    

  • Matt & Jan King

    Matt and Jan serve as house parents to high school boys and as teachers at RVA; a christian boarding school located in central Kenya.  The academy, a branch of Africa Inland Mission International, exists to provide a quality education in a nurturing environment for the children of missionaries serving in Africa.   The families these students represent serve with 80 mission organizations in over 20 African countries.     

  • Madoya community

    Madoya is a section of the Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya.  We have teamed with two other US churches to help provide an education, food, bible studies, health education, clean water, and various other projects to the people of this community.  

  • Rachel Pregnancy Center

    The Rachel Pregnancy Center provides help for families in need in the Baker City area by providing pregnancy and childbirth services, counseling, bible studies, and general services.  

  • Harvest Christian Academy

    Harvest Christian Academy is committed both to academic excellence and to raising up confident Christian leaders who will make a lasting impact upon our community.  Harvest Academy's vision for the school is to provide an environment where growth happens both spiritually and academically.  

  • Christian children's ranch

    The Christian Children's Ranch provides loving homes and a quality education to children from all over the U.S.  The ranch is located near Boise, Idaho and continues to help children find their way home.  

  • Bread of life food bank

    The Bread of Life Food Bank serves the Baker County area by providing food to those in need.  The food bank is open the 2nd and last Tuesdays from 9-noon each month.  They are located at the corner of 15th and H.  

  • Boise Bible College

    The mission of Boise Bible College is to raise up leadership for the Lord's church by:

    -Preparing students for full time ministry.

    -Preparing students to serve as church leaders.

    -Providing students with spiritual enrichment. 

  • ocef

    OCEF Church Planters is a not-for-profit organization which exists to establish new churches after the New Testament pattern (to be simply Jesus), to strengthen weaker churches, and to deepen the commitment of all churches.